Andina Schneider house extension . Ascona . 2022-23

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Andina Schneider house extension . Ascona . 2022-23

The extension of the Andina-Schneider house is located next to the Maggia Delta, a suggestive territorial section overlooking the Lake Verbano area, in which the different uses (residential, tourist, agricultural, etc.) are intertwined with respect and caution with the natural ones , giving shape to a composite landscape where the balance between the naturalistic and landscape aspects and the anthropic ones is well defined.

The new construction rests on the “plinth” of the existing volume, which is kept intact, except for the removal of the roof which allows the placement of the raising element: theextension is conceived as a light element, almost a diaphanous device, which relates living spaces with the surrounding landscape and at the same time seeks domestic intimacy.

The new construction follows the idea of ​​a large open space divided by service blocks without a load bearing function yet with serving the purpose of spatial modulation.

The structure is made of metal carpentry, entirely visible from the inside: a pair of HEB 180 pillars on each side of the facade, interconnected by bracing elements and connected at the perimeter by an edge beam and a roof made of four IPE 400 beams.

The volume of the extension is entirely glazed and is modulated on the façade by sunshade elements which expand the internal spatial perception and the external volume. The roofing slab is made of light carpentry and is equipped with a perimeter gutter sheet to protect the facade.


Client . private
Volume . 530 cm
Surface . 145 sqm


Project Team .  Matteo Inches, Nastasja Geleta, Marta Mascheroni
Photos . Simone Bossi