Rizza house . Vacallo . 2011-12

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Rizza house . Vacallo . 2011-12

House Rizza is located in Vacallo, in Ticino. The town was originally a farming village, which gradually devolped into a residential area during the twentieth century. The house is in the “historic core” of the town, with a portion of settlements dating back to the seventeenth century. They are protected by the regional government that has set strict rules on renovating.
House Rizza is a square floor “tower-house” of 6 x 6 m, on 4 levels. Due to restrictions set by local building laws, the envelope has not changed: the openings remained the existing ones, as well as the height of the eaves, the ridge and the type of pitched roof. The load-bearing exterior walls are the only pre-existing elements that remained untouched. The interior was totally emptied, partly because of the precarious condition of the walls and floors, and completely rebuilt.


Client . private
Volume . 560 cm
Surface . 120 sqm


Project team . Matteo Inches, Nastasja Geleta
Photos . Daniela Droz, Tonatiuh Ambrosetti


Der Beste Umbau 16 . finalist
Architizer A+ Award 14 . finalist