Speziali apartment . Locarno . 2016-17

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Speziali apartment . Locarno . 2016-17

The intervention transforms an uninhabited attic space into an apartment for young couples. The apartment is located inside the Canfora House, a villa of early 20th century, overlooking the city of Locarno.
The outer and inner load bearing walls remained untouched for structural reasons while existing partitions that fragmented internal spaces were demolished. The wooden carpentry has been renovated and partially replaced; the building envelope (roof and walls) was energetically requalified by replacing the heating systems. The dimensions of the facade openings remain the same respecting the building regulations.
Internally, the transition between the spaces of the apartment is signaled through careful use of the materials, in the detail of the thresholds, trough fixed furnishings, and the treatment of surfaces.


Client . private
Volume . 472 cm
Surface . 135 sqm


Project team . Matteo Inches, Nastasja Geleta, Marta Mascheroni
Photos . Simone Bossi