EOC Civico Hospital extension . Lugano . 2016

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EOC Civico Hospital extension . Lugano . 2016


in partnership with Baumschlager Eberle AG St.Gallen




The Lugano Civic Hospital stands out as landmark and unmistakable presence in the city context. It is a performing and sustainable structure at the service of the city of Lugano and the all region with now a new architectonical expression as a sign of contemporary identity.
The new base plate is conceived as a compact, uniform and sober base which on the one hand relates and dialogues with the verticality of the tower and on the other remains within the constraints dictated by the city building regulations. The new volume stands out as a junction element between the structures that already make up the base plate, clearly legible to the landscape scale, made up of different units. The new image of the hospital is completed with the creation of a green leisure area, accessible to the public, located on the roof of the car park.